Saxony-Anhalt - Heartland of German History
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    The trick to planning any trip abroad is finding the perfect balance between sightseeing, entertainment, and relaxation. The pressure is high not to miss any of the must-see attractions while still finding time to taste the local cuisine, enjoy a play or concert, and truly experience the local culture. But worry not! Our guide is the perfect resource for making all of this possible.

The state and its regions

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    From early music to modern impulses, from solo songs to symphony orchestras, from organ sounds to electro sounds - Saxony-Anhalt is a music country! This is illustrated by more than twenty regularly organized festivals and music competitions that convey characteristic traditions of the Central German cultural landscape.

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    The brochure “Heartland of German History. Travel Destination Saxony-Anhalt” presents the state and its people. Readers can inform themselves about worthwhile travel destinations and become acquainted with the many facets of the heartland of German and European history.

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    Lifting the lid on Saxony-Anhalt’s 1,000-year-old cultural treasure chest reveals a surprisingly wide array of riches. There are great musicians and great architects, historic buildings and glorious gardens, fine wines and inspired artists. And there are men who sailed the Atlantic to make a major impact on the history of the United States of America. The brochure is explicitly designed for the American market and shows "The American Connections" between Saxony-Anhalt and the United States.

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    The brochure is a source of ideas for worthwhile excursion destinations in Saxony-Anhalt. You’ll also find a practical overview map on the back page.

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    The brochure with a small overview map presents the TOP 10 locations in LutherCountry to visit regarding the Luther theme.

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    Discover the Romanesque Road on the north and south route. At 80 original venues you will experience the time in which the region around the Harz Mountains and Magdeburg was regarded as the centre of Western culture.

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    Discover an unprecedented tour in Germany – the “Garden Dreams” route to the state’s 43 most beautiful and important parks.


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